BISYOC 2021 is over

BISYOC 2021 is over. We see this with a laughing and a crying eye. It is sad to see our campus getting emptier and emptier as the participants make their way home. But at the same time, this year’s course was a big success.

Since its re-location to Germany in 2020, BISYOC felt like a completely new operation. All the administrative staff was new and the legal and financial situation different from previous years. So in a way – at least to the adinistrative team – this felt like the first BISYOC course ever. And we rocked it!
It was amazing to see, that BISYOC still has its spirit to awaken friendships amongst the participants and inspire the audience with this spirit. Even more so, since BISYOC this year was only about 1/4 of its usual size, due to Corona.

A big thank you to all the participants who stood with their choice of coming. The planning for this year was especially difficult and for a long period, we did not know if we could have the course. Additionally, we did not have a fixed programme and the participants to a large part did not know what they would be playing, arriving at the course.

Given all this, this course shows just how much we are able to achieve together. The concerts were absolutely astonishing. And both the audience and the participants were as touched and moved by BISYOC as ever before. ­čÖé


Now, please allow us some time off.
We know that the participants are eager to show the livestream concert to their friends and family and to show some pictures of the course. We will be working on that and inform you about it, once the website is updated.
But now the team needs a few weeks to catch its breath, before the planning for next years BISYOC will start again in September. ­čśë

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