BISYOC 2021 Germany

We are thrilled to announce  BISYOC 2021!
Our course will take place in Eberswalde, Germany
from 28.7.2021 to 6.8.2021.

At a glance

Musical program

Due to COVID19 we have to be very flexible this year. Restrictions apply not only in terms of maximum permitted (ensemble) group members, but also in terms of travel regulations in other countries. Accordingly, the composition of this year’s orchestra is very fluxional and may change at short notice.

We try to offer several pieces for chamber orchestra, but it is possible that the musical programme will have to be exclusively small chamber ensembles.

The major pieces that we will play if a chamber orchestra is possible are:

–       P. Warlock (1894-1930): Capriol Suite

–       D. B. Kabalevsky (1904-1987): The Comedians, Suite for small orchestra, Op. 26

–       A. Dvorák (1841-1904): Serenade for Winds, Cello & Double Bass, D minor Op 44

String players will be working on a selection of works from Baroque and Romantic eras, as well as from the 20th-century. For brass players, there will be the opportunity to work on brass quintets and septets. Mixed ensembles (e.g. woodwinds and strings) will round off the musical program.

Any musical wishes from participants are very welcome and will be taken into consideration if you add them to your application form.

The number of people allowed on the BISYOC campus is limited this year and it will not be possible to have a tutor for every instrument. Since the laws and regulations regarding COVID19 change constantly, we need to continuously adapt our program and our safety measures.  This might also bring short-term changes to the musical program, if necessary.


About Eberswalde

Eberswalde is a town in the northeast of Germany, close to its capital city of Berlin. Surrounded by forests and having a beautiful old town center, you can find both typical buildings and the calm of nature. The Schorfheide Biosphere Reserve with its beautiful cultural landscape represents one of the largest cohesive woodlands in Germany.


The course will be held in the “ Wald-Solar-Heim Eberswalde”. Participants will stay in single or double bedrooms. The place offers a large hall and several rehearsal rooms. The large outdoor space can be used for physical activity and has a small outdoor stage. Located between town and forest you can regain your strength in the breaks by walking through the woods. This wheelchair-friendly accommodation provides quiet private  space as well as plenty of opportunities to get together. You will love it!

Travel to BISYOC

Eberswalde is easily reachable by public transport. Thus we ask participants to organise the travel individually and arrive at the Waldsolarheim on the 28.7.2021 between 10:00 and 16:00. We will inform participants about other participants from the same country to form travel groups.

When thinking about the choice of transportation, we encourage participants to travel in an environmentally friendly way to BISYOC. We will send more information about travel options in the months leading up to the course.

Eberswalde is easily reachable by public trains. Please book your train to the station Eberswalde Hauptbahnhof. From there it is a 10-minute walk to the course location.
Transporting your instrument in the train is quite easy, which is why we recommend traveling this way.

There are several sites to check for the best connection for you:

Traveling by bus might be cheaper than by train. Below you can find two popular bus travel sites. However, they both do not run operations to Eberswalde directly, so you will likely have to combine traveling by bus with other means of transportation.

Find cheap bus tickets across Europe: or

Some very adventurous participants travelled from Germany to Struga, Republic of North Macedonia by bike in 2019. If you want to make BISYOC an even bigger adventure, why not try travelling by bike?

We recommend carpooling as an more environmentally friendly and and cheaper way to travel by car.

The closest airport is Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER).  From there you can travel to Eberswalde by train (see above). Be alert that due to travel restriction in relation to COVID19, flights often get shifted or cancelled at the moment. We advise to try to look for another means of travel. If you cannot avoid flying, we advice looking for flights from your capital as these will likely be the most reliable flights.


With the recent outbreak of COVID19, we understand that you may have some concerns or queries about the current situation and how it may affect the 2021 BISYOC course. Our website will be updated regularly with updates regarding our policies and approach to course safety and we will contact you in a timely manner to update you before the courses.

We do our best to conduct this year’s BISYOC summer course, but applicants should be aware that there might be a cancelation due to the COVID19 regulations in summer. If the course has to be cancelled due to new restrictions from the German Government, participants will get a full refund of the participation fee.

To be able to react to restrictions regarding the allowed size of ensembles rehearsing and performing, we have prepared alternative musical programmes.

We have a hygiene concept in place that we continually revise and adapt. Currently, our hygiene concept includes that:

  1. Masks have to be worn on the premises at all times. We ask participants to bring appropriate masks (hygiene masks or FFP2 masks) for the entire duration of the course. Hand sanitizer will be provided, but we advise bringing personal sanitizer as well.
  2. Every participant has to show a negative COVID19-PCR test upon arrival not older than 48 hours.
  3. The participants may be subjected to temperature checks and/or COVID19-rapid antigen test(s) throughout the course
  4. The number of people on the BISYOC campus is limited. Everyone will be accommodated in single or double rooms. Bathrooms are generally separated, the maximum number of people sharing a bathroom is 4 in special cases and 2 in general.
  5. The rehearsals take place in spacious, well-ventilated areas.
  6. Participants are not allowed to meet people outside the BISYOC course during the time of the course.
  7. Participants agree to not do private sightseeing (e.g. in Berlin) in the 4 days leading up to the course.
  8. Participants showing any symptoms of COVID19 will be tested immediately and accommodated separately from the rest of the group until an infection can be precluded.

We will do our best to make BISYOC as memorable and full of pleasure as always. However, we have to ask participants to be open to short-term changes to the musical and cultural program, as well as to our hygiene concept. Violating these rules will endanger the success of the course and may lead to exclusion of the participant from the course and any other activities (the terms and conditions apply).