Our Mission – Connecting Through Music

At BISYOC We Aim to: Give, Promote, and Encourage.

  • Give young musicians the opportunity to experience playing in a large symphony orchestra
  • Promote social and personal skills by working together on a common project
  • Encourage understanding, respect, and social responsibility through active intercultural exchange

Who We Are and What We Aim to Achieve

We organise international orchestra courses aiming at connecting young people through music. These courses bring together young people from different nations to rehearse and perform symphonic and chamber music works. For some participants, it is their first chance to play in a large symphonic orchestra.

But BISYOC is more than just an international orchestra project. In addition to improving musical skills, the project promotes intercultural exchange. The evenings are reserved for cultural activities that are planned and carried out by the participants themselves, such as international food night, international dance night, and Eurovision song contest. These colorful, entertaining evenings enrich and deepen the relationships between the young adults.

The project BISYOC was founded in the United Kingdom in 2001 as “Bedstone International Summer Youth Orchestral Camp”. Although originally an acronym, “BISYOC” soon became a name of its own. Over the years, the BISYOC courses were held in countries like Spain, Austria, Germany, Norway, Malta, and North Macedonia. In 2020, Brexit forced the charitable organisation behind the project to move to Germany. This was accompanied by a name change to “BISYOC – European Intercultural Youth Orchestra”. By now, nearly 800 young musicians from 25 countries have participated in the project.

The enthusiasm of the participants and their passion for music create the joyful atmosphere of the course and the overwhelmingly positive response of the audience. We would like to offer many more courses which inspire both the participants and the audience. We hope to build bridges to a brighter future in a united Europe by connecting through music.

About the Course

Our course usually takes place at the end of July and the beginning of August and lasts about twelve days. 
During this time, a program of symphony work and chamber music is rehearsed, supported by a team of international tutors. The rehearsals start as sectionals (Flute, Viola, Trumpet, …) which are soon joined into combined sectionals (strings, woodwinds, brass+percussion), and culimnate in the Tutti (large symphony orchestra). In the evenings, a diverse cultural program takes place.
During the last days of the course, several concerts in different formats (symphony orchestra and chamber music) are performed at different locations. Participants are between 16 and 26 years old and come from all over Europe.

Why You Should Join a Course

You will experience an unforgettable summer while:

  • Improving your musical skills
  • Practising your English
  • Make new friends and meet exciting people

Why You Should Support Us

Supporting BISYOC means:

  • Nurturing young people’s musical and social development
  • Fostering art and culture in Europe
  • Promote tolerance, intercultural understanding, and respect

The Charity and Its Team

We are a charitable organisation based in Germany. The board consists of past participants and tutors combining the expertise of students, artists, and scientists. We are working on a voluntary basis, united by our passion of making music together. New team members are always sincerely welcome.