Privacy Policy and Data Security


We only safe your data to fulfill our set goals written in our statute. If you have questions about or problems with our privacy and data protection, please first contact us via, so we can solve your problem straightforward.

Who we are

We are a charitable society (BISYOC – European Intercultural Youth Orchestra e.V.) and organize international music courses for young adults. The adress of our website is You can find more information about us at Our Story and at the Impressum.

Which personal data do we collect and why we collect it


If you become a member of the charity, we will save all the data you provide in your signup form to be able to contact you. If you opt for it in the form, you will be added to our newsletter.


If you post a comment on this website, we will collect the data from the comment form, as well as you IP-adress and the User-Agent-String (which identifies your browser). These data will be used to help the detection of Spam.
A anonymised character string (also called Hash) can be generated from your e-mail adress and handed over to the Gravatar-Service to check if you use Gravatar. The privacy information of the Gravatar Service can be found here: After your comment is published, your Gravatar profile picture will be publicly available in the context of the comment.


If you upload pictures to this website as a registered user, you should avoid uploading pictures with a EXIF-GPS-location. Visitors can download pictures of this website and extract their location information.

Contact form and e-mail

If you contact us via contact form, the content of this form will be saved to allow us to answer you. Storage is potentially indefinetely and will be deleted in irregular intervals or if requested by you. If you write an e-mail to any e-mail adress, your mail will be stored potentially indefinetely on our webserver. The emails will be deleted in irregular intervals or if requested by you.


If you sign up for our newsletter, we will save your e-mail adress and use it to send you news about BISYOC. We also ask for your name and gender for personalisation purposes. We use the Mailchimp for WordPress plugin by ibericode. This plugin track your interaction with the email to allow us to analyse if you received and opened the newsletter. We use this information purely to improve our marketing campaigns.


If you write a comment on this website, this can be understood as consent to save your name, e-mail adress and website in cookies. This is a comfort function so you don’t have to provide all this information every time you write a comment. These cookies will be saved for one year.
If you have an account and log into this website, a temporary cookie will be set to check if your browser accepts cookies. This cookie does not contain personal information and will be removed if you close your browser.
If you log into this website, we will set up several cookies to store your login information and display preferences. Login cookies will be automatically removed after two days, cookies for your display preferences after one year. If you check “stay logged in” during the login process, your login will be kept for 2 weeks. If you sign out, your login-cookies will be deleted automatically.
If you edit an article or publish it, an additional cookie will be saved in your browser. This cookie does not contain personal information and only refers to the article-ID of the article you just published or edited. This cookie will be removed automatically after one day.

Embedded content from other websites

Content on this website may contain embedded content (e.g. videos, pictures, posts, …) from other websites. Embedded content from other websites behaves exactly as if you would visit its original website.
These websites may collect your data, use cookies and additional tracking services from third parties to record your interaction with the embedded content. If you have an account on the original website (e.g. facebook), this may include linking your interaction with the embedded content to your account on this website.

Course application and attendance

Upon application for a place in our music courses, we will save all the data of the application form. This data will be used to decide on the applicants and allow to run the course smoothly. If you are not 18 years old, we will also ask for contact information of your legal guardian. Data like dietary preferences, allergies, emergency contact details, contact details of your legal guardian and medical data will be deleted after the course (latest by the end of the calendar year).
During the courses, pictures, videos and audio recordings of our activities are taken that we may use for advertisement purposes at any time also after the course and may include publication by email, website, social media, print, or any other form. This advertisement is solely done to promote our courses and get funding for future courses.
After attendance of a course, your contact details will be kept to allow to become a member of our alumni organisation. Your data will be deleted if you leave the alumni organisation. We will also add you to our newsletter.

With whom we share your data with

We don’t share your data with third party advertisement companies. We use it to run the music courses, help with the application for funding and other activities in relation to the charities’ cause. This might include handing out some of your data to team members, partners and third parties.
Your data that you provide for the course attendance will solely used for conducting the course. They may be given to third parties like team members, cooks, employes of hotels, … to enable us to contuct the course.
Pictures that are taken during the course can be used by us in any publically available form. This can include publication on our website, facebook account, flyers, brochures and newsletters.

How long we store your data

If you write a comment, the comment and its metadata will be saved indefinitely. This allows us to detect follow-up comments and automatically publish them instead of having them in a moderatory-queue.
The personal data that logged-in users provide in their profile will be saced indefenitely. Users can at all times view, change, and delete their personal information (the username cannot be changed). Website administrators can also view and change this information.
Your data that you provide during membership signup will be stored by us until the end of your membership. Upon termination of the membership, personal data will be deleted as soon as their knowledge is no longer required. Data that is subject to a legal or statutory obligation to retain records will be blocked for further use and deleted after the expiry of the obligation to retain records in accordance with sentence 1. They will be used to contact you to news about BISYOC. We don’t sell this data nor use it for advertisement purposes other than our own cause.
The additional data for course attendance will be deleted after the course (latest by the end of the calender year).
Pictures taken during the course will be saved indefenitely and may be used or published at any time.

Which rights do you have on your data

You have the right to request information about the data we have of you (Art. 15 DSGVO). Please use the respective form at the bottom of the page. You have the right to correct incorrect data (Art. 16 DSGVO). Additionally, under certain circumstances you may have the right to request to delete your data (Art. 17 DSGVO), restrict the processing of your data (Art. 18 DSGVO), and the right of data transfer (Art. 20 DSGVO). Please use the respective form at the bottom of the page to request to delete your data. We will not delete data that we need to keep for administrative, legal, or security relevant necessities. Additionally, also pictures are explicitly not included in the delete request. You have the right to revoke your permission of data processing (Art. 7 Abs. 3 DSGVO). You may have the right to revoke according to Art. 21 DSGVO if the data is processes within legitimate interests. Additionally, you have the right to file a complaint at the corresponding supervisory authority, if you have the feeling that the data processing is not lawful. Please give us a change and contact us first via before doing this drastic step.

The contact details for the corresponding supervisory authority is:
Landesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz und die Informationsfreiheit
Königstraße 10a
70173 Stuttgart
Telefon 0711/615541-0
Telefax 0711/615541-15
(Sensible data should not be transferred unencrypted via e-mail or telefax.)

If you don’t like your pictures to be used, please tell us BEFORE the beginning of the course in written form by e-mail to In this case we will not publish pictures in which you can be seen. If you like to delete your pictures after they are published, we will remove the pictures from our website and our social media channels. If the pictures are used in printed material, you will have to cover the cost for newly designing and printing replacement material. Also, newsletters that are send out cannot be taken back. Thus it is the easiest if you write your opposition to publishing BEFORE they are published by e-mail to

Where we will send your data to

We try to send out your data as little as possible. To allow certain functionalities on our website, we use the following plugins that might collect data from you:
Akismet Anti-Spam by Automattic
Elementor by
GDPR Cookie Consent by WebToffee
Jetpack by
Matomo Analytics by Matomo
MC4WP: Mailchimp for WordPress by ibericode
Newsletter by Stefano Lissa & The Newsletter Team
Ninja Forms by Saturday Drive
Shariff Wrapper by Jan-Peter Lambeck & 3UU
Sucuri Security By Sucuri Inc.
User Registration by WPEverest
User Role Editor by Vladimir Garagulya
Wordfence Security by Wordfence
Yoast SEO by Team Yoast
Since part of the board is located in Switzerland, your data may also be transfered thereto. Switzerland is a safe third country according to Art 45 DSGVO.

How we protect your data

Our webserver is located in Germany and is subjected to strict legal requirements by the EU and the German state. We use appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your data. We try to keep interfaces with third party services to a minimum and e.g. avoid embedded items wherever possible or use alternative plugins like shariff.
Data protection and privacy is important to all of as and we try to enact it as well as possible. If you are unsatisfied anyhow, please contact us via e-mail to and we will find a solution together.

Your data

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