Become a Charity Member

The organisation behind BISYOC is a charitable organisation based in Germany (“gemeinnütziger Verein”). We are reliant on getting as many members as possible.

How your membership helps BISYOC

  • Your membership fee (15 € per year) helps us cover our essential costs like insurance, bank account, website, …
  • The more members we have, the better our standing when we apply for funding
  • Show your appreciation for the hard work that the team does, by supporting BISYOC through your membership

What being a member means

  • Being a member means you become a member of the charitable charity that we established in Germany
  • You are not obligated to do any action except paying your membership fee
  • You CAN become more active if you wish to do so: As a member you will get invited to our annual general assembly. That is the meeting where the board is elected, the budget is discussed and big strategic decisions are being made for the future of BISYOC.
  • If you change your mind, just let us know. You are free to undo your membership at any time.

Where does your money go?

  • Your membership fee will solely be used to cover our essential running cost and organise the BISYOC courses
  • Any excess money will eventually be used to lower the price for a BISYOC course. (Convince your friends and family to join us as well for maximal impact. 😉 )

How do you become a member?

Easy. Just fill out our membership form.

Please also register for our newsletter. You will receive an activation email. Please check your SPAM Folder for it. Without your activation, you will not receive our newsletter.