Become a Charity Member

  • Your membership fee and donations directly helps in reducing the course cost and make it more affordable to the young musicians.
  • The more members we have, the better our standing when we apply for funding
  • Show your appreciation for the hard work that the team does, by supporting BISYOC through your membership
  • Being a member means you become a member of the charitable society (“gemeinnütziger Verein”) that we established in Germany
  • You are not obligated to do any action except paying your membership fee
  • You CAN become more active if you wish to do so: As a member you will get invited to our annual general assembly. That is the meeting where the board is elected, the budget is discussed and big strategic decisions are being made for the future of BISYOC.
  • If you change your mind, just let us know. You are free to undo your membership at any time.
  • Your membership fee will be used to organise the BISYOC courses
  • We work on a charitable basis, so each donation and membership fee will directly go into the course.

BISYOC – European Intercultural Youth Orchestra e.V. is a registered non-profit association (dt. gemeinnütziger Verein) based in Rheinfelden (Baden), Germany.
Is BISYOC a Förderverein (supporters’ organisation)? In Germany there is the concept of a Förderverein, which collects funds (membership fees, donations, …) to support a project. However,  a Förderverein is a purely passive association that collects money and then passes it on to another (acting) association. Therefore, BISYOC is not a Förderverein, because BISYOC also runs the course as an acting association.
How is BISYOC organised? The association consists of the board (dt. Vorstand) and the members (dt. Mitglieder), the former being elected by the latter. The board is the acting part of the association that organises the courses. The association provides the board with legal and financial security to be able to organise the course without personal risk. The members have the same more or less passive role as would be the case in a Förderverein; although of course every member is welcome to become actively involved.

As a charitable organisation, we act according to our statute (Satzung) which can be found here (English) and here (German).

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