Testimonials from all over Europe

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Testimonials from all over Europe
Spain – Javier Pardo Gil Germany – Dominik Jahn Republic of North Macedonia - Dragana Markovic Switzerland – Zoé Poland – Edwin Podolski Switzerland – Milena Selva Germany – Esther Heveling Kosovo - Poema Dylhasi

Spain – Javier Pardo Gil

Every year I would discover mew things that BISYOC was giving me!

I was a member of BISYOC for several years (2014, 2015, and 2017), and to this day I still remember it as one of the best musical experiences of my life. For me the most impressive thing about BISYOC was how every year, as I was growing older, I would discover new things that this orchestra was giving me. In the beginning, it was a musical challenge, from which I learned a lot. As I became older, and my musical level rose, the cultural, human side of the project gained importance for me, and that was even more enriching. This is exactly why I recommend this project to everyone, because there is so much to it, that regardless of your context or musical background, you will live an experience that you will never forget.

Germany – Dominik Jahn

BISYOC was a lifetime experience!

I was a member of BISYOC from 2007-2014. But it was much more than an orchestra, it was a lifetime experience for me! Until today I remember this unique mixture of musical knowledge and cultural friendship. The fact that so many talented people from all over Europe still come together is a fantastic sign in a world of (political) isolation. For me BISYOC stands for open-minded people, for music with a big heart and a well-organised team, which creates a friendly and creative atmosphere, wherever it takes place! Thank you for having given me the chance to be a part of it.

Republic of North Macedonia - Dragana Markovic

BISYOC is a truly intercultural orchestra!

I took part in the BISYOC 2019 summer course. It was my first experience working with an orchestra with members from all across Europe. I felt very welcome in this group of young musicians. I was given the responsibility for being a section leader, which I am very thankful for. My time at BISYOC was both a challenge and enjoyment at the same time. I would recommend BISYOC to anyone who is interested in being a part of a truly intercultural orchestra.

Switzerland – Zoé

BISYOC builds brigdes!

I believe that through music the young generation is able to make a connection and build bridges at times when European countries start to shut off their borders in a stronger way. BISYOC has showed in the past, that it enables young people from all over Europe to come together, get to know each other, and use the power of music to build those bridges.

Poland – Edwin Podolski

BISYOC made me aware of my own cultural heritage!

The unique blend of cultural activities and music making has brought me many friendships and unforgettable memories. I have encountered beautiful sceneries, supportive tutors, teamwork, being able to learn first hand from likewise openminded people, but also becoming self-aware about my own cultural heritage when being asked some surprising questions.

Switzerland – Milena Selva

I have learned so much from BISYOC!

A year ago, BISYOC 2019 started in Struga and I miss it a lot. These two weeks in Struga gave me a lot of strength in a time, where I had to face many hard decisions in my private life. I met amazing people, with whom I am still in contact. I have learned so much - personally by improving social and musical skills - and also from our viola tutor who has supported us with so much energy and passion. For me it was also very impressive to get to know other cultures and countries, like North Macedonia with its amazing landscape. I was surprised, how many peoples understood Swiss German in Struga. BISYOC was probably one of the best times I can remember

Germany – Esther Heveling

BISYOC is great to connect with fellow young musicians!

BISYOC is great to establish new connections across the borders of nationality and ethnicity. Aside from playing in an amazing orchestra you make many new friends and have so much fun!

Kosovo - Poema Dylhasi

I really like the energy of BISYOC!

I love about BISYOC that I got to know so many people from different cultures and with different backgrounds. I really like the programmes and the energy of the orchestra. The past summercourse was a very productive and lovely time.