The Team

Our team consists of passionate volunteers who run BISYOC in their free time. Part of the team are our officially elected representatives – the board – that make the official decisions behind the charity. The board is supported by active members of the charity to further shape and advance BISYOC.

The Board

Aïcha Naumann

BISYOC Participant 2015-2017

Marine Environmental Sciences Student

Double Bass

Aïcha is responsible for the finances of the charity. She has been the course manager of the 2021 course and is one of the driving forces for the 2022 course.

Jonas Bösken

BISYOC participant 2008-2012, 2019

Chemistry Doctoral Student

Cello & Drums

Jonas is overseeing the charity and is involved in most things going on. He focuses on networking and getting BISYOC known to the public. He especially focusses on fundraising. Besides that, Jonas has programmed this website.

Anna Lorenz

BISYOC participant 2015, 2016, 2017, 2021

Cognitive Neuroscience Student


Anna is responsible for the data and membership management of the charity. She is also very active in fundraising.

Georg Jäschke

BISYOC Participant 2014-2019

Music Student


Georg is our librarian. He is in charge of keeping order over the many scores that BISYOC accumulated over the years and makes sure that we have the rights to perform the music. Additionally, he helps Michael with the cultural program of the course.

Lee Ferguson

BISYOC Tutor 2001-2019



As a member of the board, he is involved in BISYOC’s decisions and helps to shape our course. Lee is overseeing the conductor search. During the course he will also be overseeing the chamber music program. Additionally, he helps Jonas with the website.

Helga Zuccaro

BISYOC Tutor 2006-2021



Helga is our link to the tutors, together with Lee. She is coordinating the conductor search and is involved in the musical details of the course program.

Javier Pardo Gil

BISYOC Participant 2014, 2015, 2017

Music Student


Javier is our Joker card. He is active in fundraising, but he helps out wherever he is needed.

Friederike Dörffler

BISYOC Participant 2012-2014



Friederike is our social media campaigner and designer. She is the one behind our Facebook and Instagram posts. Moreover, she adds a whole new level to editing our videos and she developed the design that you will find in our brochures and social media posts.

Victoria Clark

Victoria has been part of the BISYOC team for many years while it was still situated in the United Kingdom. Now she is the person behind

Non-Board Team Members

Michael Kock

BISYOC Participant 2015, 2016, 2019

Music Pedagogics & Jazz Student

Drums & Percussion

Michael is an all-rounder supporting us wherever we need help. He is planning and leading the cultural and social events of our course together with Georg.

Birgitta Bösken

Music Teacher


Birgitta is the driving force behind the fundraising in the german speaking area.

Cristiana Damian

BISYOC Participant 2019, 2021

Music Student


Cristiana helps in the organisation of the course.